In America, College has become a business. What was once a prestigious and sure ticket out of lower class, is now just a bad financial investment. College students are leaving with $40,000 worth of student debt to pay back on their  $30,000 entry jobs. 

Excluding teachers, doctors, lawyers and any other career in which you actually need a degree, a vast majority of students today are graduating with majors that do not show enough expertise to get them a job worth the money they spent in college. Majors like art, psychology, political science (that one is mine), etc. Usually, these graduates end up in jobs completely unrelated to their field, because it pays the bills. 

And so now more and more we have these young, talented graduates who had dreams and visions for their lives that are simply not being fulfilled. These are the people who loudly celebrate the "I hate Mondays, can't wait for the weekends and I can't stand my boss" instagram memes.

Those sentiments are shared by more than just college graduates who don't work in their field. The 9-5 is beginning to feel like chains to millions more because there is a major shift happening in society. We are beginning to realize we are in the Information Era. An era where due to the internet and social media, the world is now global. We want to live location free. We want to work from vacations, coffee shops and couches. We want to have the freedom to choose who we work with the ability to grow our income at a rapid rate.

I am here to share with you that Online Entrepreneurship has never been easier or more possible, ever. Just within the business model I follow, the E-course business model, there is an entire eco-system that has created the demand for even more online careers. Here are  just 3 of many thriving online careers that you may have never heard of or really understood the potential of until now.

For each of these: You can learn the skill online through an online course, no need for a college degree. You can get your first clients by finding online entrepreneurs within this eco-system and offering them free/low rate services for a couple testimonials. Then once you have some work under your belt, you are ready to build your full time business with your new career. 

Let’s analyze each:


#1 E-Course Business Strategist


What is an E-course Business Strategist?

I have yet to meet anyone else online who is using this title so I will dare say that my friend Regina came up with it when we were speaking. At first, I was going to call myself an Online Business Strategist but then I realized this was too broad: What type of online business was I helping people with? E-courses. So the name is fitting.

An E-course Business Strategist is someone who helps Online Content Creators turn their large social media followings into an online business by creating and selling their own e-courses.


What does the job entail?

First, you need to look for people online who you notice have a large amount of followers ( I would say 50k and more) on instagram or Youtube. Then you need to research this potential client by checking their engagement on posts and what their content is about. You need to determine that a majority of the people following this person are real, engaged fans who want to learn a specific skill from this person.

Once you determine that, you can approach your client and make them an offer they can't refuse. Haha. You can offer to consult for equity, meaning they do not have to pay you up front but rather a percentage (from 33-50%) of the sales that you make together. (Nothing is set in stone, but this is a great way to get your first clients. You can ask for retainers as your grow your business.)

Once you have a signed contract with your client/partner, you can now begin to work with them which essentially means:

  • surveying the audience to determine their wants/needs

  • Coming up with ways to test for validation of product ideas. For example, creating a free 7 day challenge that will lead to a paid e-course.

  • Writing the e-mails, creating the freebies, setting up the automation in the background** (This can all be delegated to others within the E-course Ecosystem such as CopyWriters, Graphic Designers and Virtual Assistants)

  • Coming up with the overall strategy, from beginning to end, of ultimately selling the product

  • Setting up Funnels and Webinars


How much money can you make?

This depends on how successful the launches are and how long term you stay with each client.

For example:

  • You can work with someone for just one launch or you can work with them indefinitely, launch after launch, growing their business.

  • You can work with someone who has 100k followers which will probably translate into 5k email subscribers or you can work with someone with 500k followers which will be a lot more email subscribers. The number of email subscribers determine the amount of sales to expect. The actual price of the product will also affect how much you can make.

Because there are no rules in place, you get to make up the rules as to who you work with, how much you charge, if you charge a flat fee or a percentage of sales or both, and how long you work with each client.

I would say in an ideal scenario, you are looking for 1-3 clients TOPS who you can work long-term with, who you can see potential for multiple e-courses or multiple digital products.

The PROS are that, every time you have a LIVE launches, you can make a few thousand dollars all at once.  Every launch you have should be with someone with a large audience, with thousands of people who sign up for their freebies and the product needs to be worth $395 or more. This will ensure you can make a minimum of 5k per launch.

The CONS are until you automate the sales for at least one of your client’s or you get to the point where you are launching every month,you will not be earning money monthly. It is the type of career you have to build from part-time to full-time.


How would I get started?

You need to understand the ins and out of the e-course business Model. With my very first client on my very first launch, I was able to help her reach over $10,000 in sales without a full website or a product.

I break down exactly how we did this on this FREE Case Study. If you are interested in what an E-course Business Strategist does, this guide will give you a great idea.

#2 Facebook ADS Manager


What is a Facebook Ads Manager?

If I didn’t absolutely love the thrill of a launch, I would hands down be a Facebook Ads Manager. As the matter of fact, I do the facebook ads for my clients but it is certainly not a part of my job description nor do I think everyone should do both. This is a career within itself.

Facebook owns Instagram, let’s start there. Facebook also owns data on just about everyone in the world. Facebook knows our names, ages, who our friends are, what we stop to look at as we are scrolling, what brands we like, where we eat, where we go, who we talk to, what our interests are, who we stalk online, what happened yesterday, every fight we have our significant other and pretty much things about us that we don't even know ourselves- like how many hours we spend online and our online behaviors such as if we are most likely to like something or comment or watch. It’s spooky, yes. It is also GENIUS and one the greatest advantages in human history for entrepreneurs everywhere.

No longer do we have to spend $3,000 on a billboard in the middle of a busy highway, praying that our ideal client will drive by, see it and contact us. Because of Facebook, we are able to tell Facebook what our product is and who we are looking for, and facebook will place our ads in front of the PERFECT potential customers. As a matter of fact, Facebook can very well tell US, who our ideal potential customers are.

Facebook helps up place our ads on Facebook feeds, right hand columns, inside of apps, on instagrams stories and on instagram feeds in front of those most likely to convert into our customers. You know this is true. One minute you said “I love Greek Yogurt” and the next minute there was a sponsored ad about greek yogurt on your feed. That is the work of a great Facebook ads manager somewhere.

A facebook Ads Manager is a key weapon, MAJOR ASSET, ninja who understands exactly how to use facebook to find their customer’s ideal clients. What I love about this career is that there is a science and art to it.


What does the job entail?

As a Facebook ADS Manager, you must know:

  • where and how to Create Campaigns, Ad sets and Ads within Facebook.

  • how to target, re-target and find ideal customers

  • How to create an overall strategy that will convert a cold audience into paid customers by bringing them through a funnel

  • In layman's terms, you have to understand how to use facebook ads as a tool to get strangers online to become fans of someone’s product and ultimately buy it.


How much money can you make?

Like just about anything online, you charge what you feel you are worth. The cool thing about facebook ads is that the NUMBERS DON’T LIE. You can tell down to every penny, exactly how much you are getting for your investment. Facebook will tell you how many people are actually buying your product as a result of your ads. Facebook will show you if you are losing money or making money and exactly how much you are making, from your ads. For example, you can easily determine that for every $1 you spend on ads, you are making $3 back.

Because of this, it is fairly simple as a Facebook Ads Manager to prove your worth to your client. How much you charge, depends on who you are working with and how much they are spending on ads and how much they are getting back.

For examples,

  • You decide to start with small business owners on your local main avenue. You decide you will charge a base of $300 a month per account.

  • You decide, I rather work with Online entrepreneurs: Online Fitness Trainers with their own programs to be specific. You decide you will charge $500 a month plus a percentage of ad spend.

  • You decide you want to work for Online Entrepreneurs and help them grow their sales from 5k a month to 25k a month, using your ad strategies. Because you can prove that your ads have increased revenue by this much, you can charge a lot more. Some of the seasoned facebook ad managers charge $2500 per account plus a percentage of ad spend or a percentage of monthly sales. Believe me, that’s bank.

  • It is really up to who you are working with and how much you can prove your ads are worth.


How would I get started?

Becoming a Facebook Ads Manager is a serious endeavor because you are spending other people’s money. I am all about “youtube your way through it” when it comes to many things but definitely NOT for this.

You absolutely need to be trained by a seasoned, successful Facebook Ads Manager. Luckily, some of the very best in the field have created their own online courses to teach others what they know.

I have taken an online course on Facebook Ads from Andrew Hubbard and I would say that if I needed to, I could turn this into an online career just from what I learned in this 1 course.

If you are interested in learning about becoming a Facebook Ads Manager, check out Andrew Hubbard or Rick Mulready's websites.


#3 Pinterest Business Strategist/ Pinterest Virtual Assistant

I hope you read that and thought “ Are you serious? You can get paid for pinterest?”. When I first heard of this position I thought it was ridiculous and a waste of money and energy. Why would I ever pay someone to use Pinterest?

That was until I actually had to use Pinterest for one of my clients as part of my audience growth strategy. OMG. What a pain in my you know where. I hated it but I had to do it. Pinterest is one of the least known, greatest resources when it comes to growing an email list or selling physical goods online. That is of course, if you know what you are doing.

Pinterest is essentially a search engine. Most use it to search for “inspiration”. Perhaps you have used it for Home Decor, DIY projects or recipes. But did you know hundreds of thousands of people also use pinterest for exercise routines, style inspo, entrepreneurial tips, and more?


What is a Pinterest Business Strategist/ Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

A Pinterest Business Strategist or VA, essentially does the same thing: They understand how to use keywords properly and can create an overall pinterest strategy, so that the client’s content on pinterest leads back to their blog and services, therefore growing their audience.

I would say including pinterest as an audience growth strategy is vital to me as an e-course business strategist and should be a part of every online entrepreneur’s overall strategy.


What does the job entail?

Creating and posting the Graphics that will be on your Blog leading back to pinterest and on Pinterest leading back to the blog. (The actual images can be delegated to a Graphic Designer.) Usually you create and post about 3 different images per blog post/product.

  • Creating a minimum of 20 relevant boards with 50-100 pins each, with relevant hashtags, keywords and descriptions.

  • Using third parties to find relevant influencers on pinterest and creating communities and collaborations online.

  • Creating rich pins for clients with physical goods.

  • Understanding/Creating the overall strategy on how Pinterest will put the client’s work in front of ideal customers, lead them to their content and freebies/ funnels and ultimately lead to audience growth and sales.


How much money can you make?

Again, Online there aren’t any rules but the quotes I have gotten were between $500-1000 a month.

  • This position is ideal for someone who wants a “side-hustle” and wants to earn extra income online. 


How would I get started?

I think by now you know my recommendation. For these positions, there isn’t a college you can go and sign up for classes for, thankfully. There is always an online course from someone very skilled in the subject.

While I know of various teachers, I myself have taken a Pinterest course and the feel it was a great course. Click here to check out the course. 





I am an E-course business strategist. I look for people who have large social media followings and help them turn that following into an online business by selling their own e-courses.

This business model is so successful that it has created an entire ecosystem within it that keeps creating demand for more skills and more online careers. I have put this video below so you can see that these 3 careers I covered here are literally just a few from so many others.

At the end of the day, what I truly want you to take away from this post is that:

  • You can learn an entirely new skill, online. Usually through a very qualified person's e-course.

  • You can turn this new skill into a way of earning more money on the side and work your way until it is a full time career.

  • In many instances, you can expand this new found skill into more than a service based business. For example, I took a course from Andrew Hubbard on Facebook Ads. Not only does he personally help some of the biggest Online Entrepreneurs in the game by scaling their business from 6 to 7 figures using facebook ads, he also has an online course. Not only does he have an online course and a service business, but he also trains and staffs other facebook ad managers for his own agency. Andrew turned one skill into various sources of income, all online. He lives in Australia while most of his clients are in the United States.

I am creating an entire guide on the E-course Business Model with full descriptions for each role and resources on how to get started in each. Stay tuned for that coming next!